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The SC 3 EasyFix is the fastest steam cleaner of its time and is ready to go after only 30 seconds heating time. The permanently refillable water tank allows uninterrupted work. The decalcifying cartridge used automatically decalcifies the water, increasing the service life of the appliance. The Kärcher SC 3 EasyFix cleans without chemicals and can be used almost anywhere. Household hard surfaces of all kinds are his domain. Thorough cleaning with the Kärcher steam cleaner removes 99.99 percent of all household bacteria from household hard surfaces. With the wide range of accessories, tiles, hob, extractor hood and even the smallest cracks can be hygienically cleaned – including stubborn dirt. Also included is the EasyFix floor nozzle with flexible joint for maximum ergonomics and lamella technology for perfect cleaning results. The comfortable Velcro system makes it easy to attach the microfibre floor cloth to the floor nozzle and remove it without coming into contact with dirt. The 2-stage steam regulation can be perfectly adjusted to the surface and the dirt. Further details: Accessories storage and parking position for the floor nozzle. Equipment: Steam quantity control, floor cleaning set, accessories, microfibre cover for hand nozzle 1 piece, microfibre floor cloth Velcro 1 piece, steam hose with pistol 2 m, decalcifying cartridge, technical data: Area output 75 m², heating-up time 0.5 min, boiler / tank capacity 1/ l, max. Steam pressure 3.5 bar, heat output 1900 W, current 220-240/50-60 V/Hz, weight without accessories 3.1 kg, dimensions (L × W × H) 360x236x253 mm

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