Kärcher SV 7


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Clean with full steam! The steam floor nozzle with suction function is used for dry and wet suction of all types of floors and for steam suction of hard floors (e.g. tiles). In addition, carpets and upholstery can also be effortlessly refreshed with the steam suction function. To make it clear: for example, it sucks crumbs from the floor, wipes them with a damp cloth and then dries the floor. Hot steam dissolves dirt and neutralises unpleasant odours. Dissolved dirt and steam are immediately absorbed again after cleaning. Thanks to the steam regulation on the unit and the suction force regulator on the handle, the output can be adapted individually and optimally to the respective areas of application. The absorbed liquid and the dirt are securely bound in a water filter and simply emptied later. The additional HEPA 12 filter (EN1822:1998) retains even the smallest allergenic particles. The exhaust air of the unit is cleaner than the room air. The refilling tank is permanently fillable – for unlimited continuous operation.

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