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Airfree is a natural solution for asthma, respiratory allergies and mold. It eliminates mites, bacteria, fungi, viruses, pollen, pet allergens and other microorganisms from the air. Airfree units are available in more than 50 countries and are considered one of the best air purifiers in the USA. They reduce the microbiological pollution of the air in a natural way, without the use of chemicals or filters. They are recommended by doctors, have no side effects and can be used extensively. The Fit model is small and has a nice design. It offers the same performance and efficiency as the other Airfree models. It is simply mounted on the wall and thus saves space on the floor. How does it work?nThe exclusive Airfree technology eliminates microorganisms and allergens within a fraction of a second. Per hour flieβen depending on the model between 14,000 and 20,000 litres of air through the Airfree devices. All the air in the room is cleaned in a very short time. The process is similar to water sterilization by boiling: When the water boils, the microorganisms it contains are destroyed. Similarly, the air that is continuously supplied to the Airfree is heated up to 200 degrees and sterilized immediately. Then, and before it escapes, the air in the unit is cooled. The whole process is completely silent and requires neither maintenance nor regular replacement of accessories. All you have to do is turn on the device and let it do its job.

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