Beurer Air purifier LR 500


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Description Take a deep breath, please. Ban ubiquitous air pollutants from your rooms. The LR 500 air purifier provides clean breathing air in your home. Features App-controlled air purifier (WLAN) Filter performance: 99.95 % PM 2.5 sensor – detects fine dust with particle sizes down to 2.5 µm Air cleaning through a three-layer filter system (pre-filter + activated carbon filter + HEPA filter) House dust, pet hair, odours, pollen, various bacteria and viruses as well as harmful gases are filtered out of the air Additional air cleaning through switchable ultraviolet light Numerical and colour display of air quality Room temperature and humidity display 4 levels + turbo mode Timer function (1-24h) With night mode: Super quiet operation with the control panel switched off Filter change indicator Configuration via Bluetooth Free download of the “beurer FreshHome”” App3) 3) Full use only with the “”beurer FreshHome”” App. Compatible from iOs 9.0 and AndroidTM 5, from Bluetooth 4.0.”

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